Skills Needed for Sports Marketing Jobs

With the increased reliance on social media as a primary form of communication, there is an old school skill that is being lost amongst many of today’s job applicants – the ability to write clearly and with purpose.

Writing sounds boring in a world of quick-witted retorts and anecdotes, compressed into 140 characters or broken down into acronyms, but the truth is, writing with skill is a big part of every sports job you will ever have.

When I’m looking at resumes, I look for people who have some work or internship experience(in sports or not) and involvement in college clubs or activities. So many of the interns and assistants I have hired recently already have an internship with a team on their resume – it’s often no longer enough to just do one.

In the interview, other than getting to know their personality and if they have the skills for the job, I’m trying to figure out three thing

What are your career goals? The most important question any candidate needs to be able to answer in a job interview for a sports job is “Why do you want to work in sports?” I take that a step farther and try to figure out what specifically you want to do in sports and why. Sure, if you’re a first-time intern you may not exactly know the answer.  But if you want to work for your favorite sports team because you’re such a huge fan and you don’t really care what you do for them, your priorities may not be in the right place.Do you have leadership abilities? An intern or entry-level employee may not be stepping into a management role, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to be able to take leadership of a project or take charge of a situation if the need arises. I always expect to provide guidance to them, but I want to know that they have the confidence and skills to work with others to get projects done

Do you have problem-solving skills? Sports is a fast-paced industry, especially on game nights and we often have to think on our feet. I always ask candidates to tell me about a time that something went wrong and they came up with a quick solution to fix it.

I believe front office opportunities for women are leveling out right now, particularly for entry or mid-level positions. Even in the last five years, I’ve seen an increase in the number of women in front offices, to the point where there are sometimes equal numbers of men and women, or even the women outnumbering the men.

It’s not an easy industry, for men or women, to balance family time with, and I wonder what if any culture changes front offices will see as more and more women join the ranks.Maybe we will see that happen in a few years, once today’s entry and mid-level females work their way up the ranks. I’m not sure if the current lack of women in executive positions has to do with a prejudice against the sex, or if it’s a self-selection thing: are women choosing to either not seek advancement or to leave the industry all together for opportunities to spend more time with their children?

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