the video-gaming industry racked up sales of about $100bn, making it one of the world’s largest entertainment industries. The games on offer run the gamut from time-wasting smartphone apps to immersive fantasy worlds in which players can get lost for days or weeks. Indeed, the engrossing nature of games isRead More →

When you think of gaming, you may picture a bunch of teen boys sitting in front of a big-screen TV like zombies, incessantly jamming buttons on their controllers, while aggressively playing violent video games. In fact, Ferguson suggested that violent video games could potentially be used as a form ofRead More →

If you’re still holding on to any stereotypes about who gamers are, it’s time to let them go. Gamer demographics probably aren’t what you think. Today’s gamers come in all stripes, and anyone you know—your boss, your neighbor, your barista—could be a gamer. As Naomi, 27, said, “It doesn’t really matterRead More →

The operation of framing something as something else works by taking some notions of the source domain (narratives) and applying them to the target domain (games). This is not neutral; it emphasises some traits and suppresses others. Unlike this, the act of comparing furthers the understanding of differences and similarities, and mayRead More →

Select five to ten words from a book (or books) the child is reading. Print each word clearly and boldly on separate 3×5 inch index cards, making pairs of each word. (The child may be able to help you by copying the words you write.) Shuffle the cards and placeRead More →